Desert Park held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, November 17, 2022.  We would like to thank all those that attended the meeting.  And would like to welcome the following people to the board of directors for a 2-year term:

Melissa Genberg, Rick Sanford, and Rendal Bishop

 Director positions are as follows:

                President                            Lee McLeod

                Vice President                   Melisa Genberg

                Secretary                             Dave McGlynn     Recording Secretary:  Marti Bishop

                Treasurer                            Nathan Ondrus

                Directors at Large:           Rick Sanford and Rendal Bishop

Rod Trites, previous President of the Board, has resigned from the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors sincerely thanks Rod for his dedication and time spent volunteering at the park and his many accomplishments; he will be missed.

This has left a vacancy on the current Board of Directors.  We are asking for anyone that would like to volunteer their time to be a member of the Board of Directors, to submit their name along with a brief bio of themselves.  The nominee must be a member of Desert Park in good standing, and be able to volunteer time as this is a working board position.

 We are looking forward to a year of moving forward, with many projects, and events.   If you as a member have any concerns or would like something addressed please feel free to bring your concerns to any Board Member, and your concerns will be addressed.

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