With 2020 ending and 2021 opening up new opportunities, one of the greatest opportunities we’ve had in the past year, is to work on restoring Desert Park to its former glory and we have to thank all the volunteers, members, and board members who have been working tirelessly to make that happen!


So – a huge thank you to everyone involved. You’re the reason that nearly all of our stalls are booked for the coming 2021 race training season. 


While we still have quite a few stalls open throughout the year, our race training season which lasts until around May, is fully booked (at this moment) with 115 or 116 functional stalls being booked by horse trainers and owners from across Canada. 


Having said that, we are working with our teams here at Desert Park to bring another 30 stalls up to date, and provide facilities to horses, trainers, and enthusiasts here at Desert Park! Here’s to 2021!

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